Hi, I'm Sidny! 
The face behind this camera. I’m a Muncie native, and I miss the purple hippo dearly. I’ve loved photography for a very long time, and I’m lucky that it gets to be my job (not my only job, though. My part-time “day job” is equally as cool and exciting as this one)! As of now, my focus is mainly portraits and weddings, however in the future, I would love to be a birth / fresh 48 / lifestyle photographer as well. I really like being able to connect with my clients to help them tell their story. That’s how I came up with my slogan; “Unique photos to tell your story, the way you want it to be heard.” Every story is unique, so why shouldn’t your photos reflect that?  
Some of my favorite things in life include concerts, half-baked Pizza King breadsticks (and really just food in general), traveling, cats, reading, and thrifting.
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